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wavertree congregational church reverend McDougall1933 - Rev. Donald was removed from Wavertree to become minister of Stamford Hill church, London in April 1933. The Rev. A.C.McDougall came to Wavertree as the new minister.

Throughout the 1930's there seemed to be much discussion about finance and it was noted that the church had a permanent overdraft.

1938 - It was decided to hold the first Gift Day

1939 - The plans to celebrate the Centenary of the opening of the Church, had to be curtailed due to the outbreak of the war.

1940 - Wellington Road Mission was sold to the Liverpool City Mission.

1941 - Considerable damage was done to the church buildings in air raids. Most organisations ceased to function, but pastoral work carried on. The manse was also damaged including roof and ceilings.

1942 - The church roof was re-slated and new roof trusses were fitted, due to dry rot.

1943 - The Bishop of Liverpool preached at Hunters Lane and later, a letter was received from him expressing his pleasure at the welcome he had received.

1945 - Start of the Girls Guildry, which still flourishes, though the title was changed to Girls Brigade in 1965.

wavertree congregational church - reverend Hudson1948 - Rev. McDougall resigned in January and the Rev. E.J.Jenkins was inducted in July.

1949 - It was proposed to buy a plot of land in Childwall Road for a new church building.

1952 - The manse in Victoria Park was sold and the old Wavertree Rectory was bought - the ground floor to be used as Church House for meetings etc. and the first floor as a flat for the minister.

1954 - The chalice and goblets were introduced on the Communion Table. They had been discovered on Church premises after having been in disuse for some 40 years. In August 1954 Rev. Jenkins left to go to Newport, Monmouthshire.

wavertree congregational church - reverend Brown1955 - The Rev.F.O.Brown was inducted in February

1957 - Saw the opening of the Boys Brigade.

1958 - Repairs to the church building were essential. There was a lot of dry rot, the outside had to be re-pointed, and the inside was painted. Work was also necessary in the schoolroom.

1961 - Church House was sold and a house was bought in Menlove Avenue for use as the manse.

1966 - Work went on steadily in the various organisations and new work was started at each end of the age range. The schoolroom was used for babies and toddlers, and an over 60's club was formed. Also in 1966 the church was completely re-wired.

1967 - The church was re-decorated and re-carpeted.

1968 - More dry rot was treated and the paths were asphalted.

1971 - A big decision had to be taken. Were we going to join with the Presbyterians and become part of the United Reformed Church? Special meetings were held and much discussion took place, and when the vote was taken the required 75% was not obtained, so we stayed as a Congregational Church.

1972 - In November the church sustained a serious fire. The choir vestry, B.B.Room and the staircases were gutted and the flames spread to the roof timbers. Repair work took a considerable time. The organ had to be re-built, new staircases put in, re-plastering, re-glazing in places, painting, new carpets and a big clean up before the church re-opened in September 1974.

old congregational federation logo1973 - Wavertree joined the Congregational Federation.

1976 - Wavertree was host to the Congregational Federation Easter Youth Conference, 78 young people attended.

1977 - We celebrated the Queens Silver Jubilee by presenting Jubilee Crowns to all the children and young people of the church.

1978 - The Wellington Road Mission celebrated their Centenary, Rev. Brown represented Hunters Lane.

1979 - The Northern Area of the Congregational Federation held their AGM when approximately 200 people attended.

1980 - This was a special year, Rev. Brown was elected President of the Congregational Federation, at the May meetings in Bristol. It was also 25 years since Rev. Brown came to Wavertree. In October we held a special anniversary and social, when presentations were made to Rev.Brown and Mrs. Brown

1981 - An amplifying system was installed into church.

1983 - Alterations took place to the kitchen, a double sink was installed and new working surfaces were fitted.

1985 - Wavertree once again hosted the Congregational Federation Easter Youth Conference. when 110 young people attended. Rev. Brown resigned as from 30th September 1985.

wavertree congregational church - rev. hudson1987 - The Rev. Gerald Hudson was ordained as the minister of Hunters Lane.

wavertree congregational church - Rev. Arnold1994 - Rev. Hudson moves on and Hunters Lane is delighted to welcome Rev. John Arnold as their new minister.

1998 - Girls Brigade and Boys Brigade close at Wavertree and PILOTS a non-uniformed Christian based childrens group starts.

2009 - The Baby Willis organ is refurbished in memory of Cynthia Stroud.

2010 - New toilets are built in the porch and school room in Hunters Lane.

2011 - The 175 year anniversary of the church and the launch of the website.



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