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Latest News

Upcoming Services and Speakers for December 2017 and January 2018

3rd December 2017 Holy Communion starting 11am
10th December 2017 starting 11am Major D.McCombe Salvation Army
17th December 2017 **** starting 4pm***** Carols by Candlelight
24th December 2017 starting 11am Christingle Service
E. Maudsley
25th December 2017 starting 11am S.Warburton
31st December 2017 starting 11am

To Be Confirmed
7th January 2018 starting 11am Holy Communion J.Fry
14th January 2018 starting 11am Walter Ash
21st January 2018 starting 11am Church Meeting Dr. P.Humphries
28th January 2018 starting 11am D.Roughley



Sunday 11am
Each service is a mixture of traditional and modern worship, hymns, prayer, readings and bible teaching

Each church meeting is held on the third Sunday alternate months at 12.15pm

The Communion of the Lord's Supper is held on the first Sunday of each month.

Church Cleaning Day
Last Thursday of the month. 6.30pm.

Prayer Group Sunday Mornings at 10:15am.

Every Sunday before service we will be have a 30 minute prayer session for anyone who needs / wants prayer.  You can either email your prayer or go onto the church website to send your prayer request.   Anyone can ask for prayer for whatever they are facing, or you may want to ask or prayer for someone else.  Your requests can even be anonymous if you want.

Location: Choir Vestry Time: 10:15 –10:45

You are welcome every week or just whenever you feel like coming.

prayerwcc@gmail.com or visit the website using the menu above for prayer requests.


Dates for your Diary

17th December - Carols by Candlelight starting at 4pm including refreshments ***Please note there is no morning service***

21st January Church Family Meal following church meeting at the Greenhills.


Coming back the other day from Hunter’s Lane, Dublin Airport was getting itself all decked up for Christmas. Lots of lights, ‘Happy Christmas’ signs in many different languages, not to mention a huge fir tree all bedecked and ready to go. It made me smile.

But I think, if I venture into town, I shall be overwhelmed with all the efforts to encourage me to spend more and more on most things that I truly don’t need. Now I am not going to be miserable, we all make our own decisions about what to do over Christmas. We all know how bad things are for those with little, in our own cities, never mind the rest of the world. We also know that simple things can help too by our helping out the foodbanks in Liverpool and Dublin, maybe using charity Christmas card and getting gifts from charity shops. Everyone gains something then.

But an important thing we can gain is perhaps meet friends or family that we often don’t get chance to. As you know, Irish people are scattered all over the globe, including Liverpool. The Airport right up the last flight on Christmas Eve, will be bursting with families gathered with banners and streamers and hand-made posters for their brothers, sisters, sons and daughters coming home for Christmas or New Year from Canada, the USA, Australia, New Zealand, practically everywhere, often with babies or young ones who will be meeting their bigger families for the first time. That is really great, with tears of joy replacing the ‘missing you’ tears in the rest of the year. It is very hard to express what a wonderful atmosphere there is at that time. I’ve been there.

When Jesus was born, Mary and Joseph showered Him with Love. Shepherds came to see Him and mysterious men from the East came too, with exotic gifts His family had never seen, never mind had before. His parents had travelled too, with some uncertainty and I am sure some worry as to what the future would bring. But just as a bright star brought light in the dark sky, so they, with their visitors, were witnessing the most important event this world had ever known. The love they shared could not be bought and never would it fade. Instead, it is the Light that guides us all, that have eyes to see, hearts and minds to feel the joy that only our Saviour can bring. In whichever way Christmas and New Year find you, may you be blessed by the unending love of a small baby, surrounded by His parents, stall animals, poor shepherds and the rich kings. A baby that would change the world for ever, bringing lightness never darkness. May you be blessed these coming days, as always, by the love of God, the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and never-ending blessing of His Son, Jesus Christ, Our Lord.

Happy Christmas and New Year,


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