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For February and March 2018


4th February Holy Communion starting 11am
11th February starting 11am
18th February starting 11am
25th February starting 11am 

4th March Holy Communion starting 11am
11th March MOTHERS DAY starting 11am 
18th March AGM CHURCH MEETING starting 11am
25th March starting 11am
30th March GOOD FRIDAY starting 11am


Rev Barbara Tickner
Jeanette Griffiths
James Greig (Leprosy Mission) 
John McClaren

Graham Taylor
Yvonne Campbell
Dr. Peter Humphreys
Walter Ash
Rev. Tim Meadows


By John Smith posted July 30, 2015

Every Sunday before service we will be have a 30 minute prayer session for anyone who needs / wants prayer. You can either email your prayer or go onto the church website to send your prayer request. Anyone can ask for prayer for whatever they are facing, or you may want to ask or prayer for someone else. Your requests can even be anonymous if you want.

Location: Choir Vestry Time: 10:15 –10:45 

You are welcome every week or just whenever you feel like coming.

Or you can simply submit a prayer request from the link in the menu. 


Peace and Justice Service Sunday 11th February, 3pm at St Marys Church Donations for Asylum Link : Tinned / Dried Goods /Toiletries / Warm Clothes All Welcome

Women’s World Day of Prayer Service Friday 2nd March, 2pm at St Stephens URC Church ‘All Gods Creation is Very Good!’ Service prepared by the Christian Women of Suriname. All Welcome

Reflections by Dr.P. Humphreys

I was recently over in Liverpool, as many of you will know, working away on this history I am writing of Congregationalism in the City. I’ve had to go back a long way from 1776 to present times. Although hard work, I feel blessed to be able to record for others to read what great work has been done to live as best we can as the Lord pledged us to. The real heroes are those ordinary Christians who have kept their faith and their fellowships going in increasingly difficult times. Of course, certain people also stand out and, in a way, it is unfair to highlight them, rather than others. But like Thomas Raffles at Great George Street and John Kelly at the Crescent in Victorian times, others have greatly impressed me in more recent times, such as Muriel Paulden at Berkley Street and Frank Brown here in Wavertree. Perhaps because I knew least about him before hand, Stanley Rogers at Westminster Road in Kirkdale has also really attracted my attention. He served for a total of 40 years there, through thick and thin, and was so greatly loved that the congregation refused to accept his resignation, due to exhaustion, at least two times! He said many critical things about the drift of Congregationalism from Independency and its focus on the middle classes to the neglect of the poor. But, this quotation also comes to mind. “The Apostle Paul was a Congregationalist, and he gave good advice to his successor Timothy when he told him to endure hardness as a good soldier of Jesus Christ”.

As we start a new year, we cannot hanker after the past but we can learn from and honour past achievements. The weather has been cold of late but soon, please God, the softness and colours of Spring will catch our eyes and give us a bit of a lift. From the lives of Paul and Timothy, we know what we can, indeed must, do these coming times. We must renew our willingness to follow where the Lord leaves us, a willingness to serve whatever that may mean, to be trustworthy, to be humble, to be faithful, to be true. We may not go down in history, so what! If others have felt our simple love expressed in tiny ways, but loving ways, then we’re on the right path.

God bless,