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For June and July 2018


3rd June Holy Communion starting 11am
10th June starting 11am
17th Fathers Day June starting 11am
24th June Church Meeting starting 11am 

1st July Holy Communion starting 11am
8th July starting 11am 
15th July starting 11am
22nd July starting 11am
29th July starting 11am


Walter Ash
Jeanette Griffiths
Eve Maudsley
Deacons service

Graham Taylor
Walter Ash
David Roughley
John McClaren
to be confirmed


By Dave Campbell posted 28th May 2018

Every Sunday before service we will be have a 30 minute prayer session for anyone who needs / wants prayer. You can either email your prayer or go onto the church website to send your prayer request. Anyone can ask for prayer for whatever they are facing, or you may want to ask or prayer for someone else. Your requests can even be anonymous if you want.

Location: Choir Vestry Time: 10:15 –10:45 

You are welcome every week or just whenever you feel like coming.

Or you can simply submit a prayer request from the link in the menu. 


Congregational Federation National Assembly - 8th - 10th JUne at Union Chapel, Islington, London

Deacons Meeting - Monday 8th June

Church Meeting - Sunday 24th June

We Were, We Are, We Will Be
 by Dr.P. Humphreys

I recently spent a week in Germany, in what used to be called East Germany or the German Democratic Republic back in the day. Perhaps you are thinking, why on earth would you want to go there! Well it all started about 15 years or so, when I wanted to know more about small communities of Sorb people who lived and live in that area, who managed to survive and not give up under the Nazis and more recent Communist regimes. They are not Germanic but Slavonic peoples, who have lived peacefully for many centuries before the German peoples moved into the area. They are Lutheran or Catholic in their Christian traditions and are still struggling as their young people often tend to head ‘West’ for better jobs. The town I stay in is officially bilingual and I have always found it very friendly despite my drastically bad German and non-existent Sorbish!

That’s all very nice, perhaps you’re thinking but what has it to do with us here Wavertree? Well, like it or not, as Christians we are a diminishing minority in Britain. Congregationalists are a very small minority in this minority. As we all know, elsewhere in the world, especially in Africa and Asia, Christians are persecuted for their beliefs, as the earliest Christians were, but they continue their struggle often at the greatest of personal costs. In the West, including Britain, our greatest enemy is probably indifference and apathy, where consumerism is the sign of faith in modern society. Yet, unlike my friends the Sorbs, we speak the same language, often shop in the same shops for our foods and may feel great pressures to conform to current values based around material possession rather than spiritual faith. Yes, we feel that the challenge that the Lord has set us is immensely hard, and it is in our experience. But, through the guidance of the Holy Spirit and an unending faith in our Saviour, Christ Jesus, we just cannot lose. Where we go next in our faith may well not be what we ‘hoped’ for; it may be worshipping in community centres, living Christ’s faith on the streets of Liverpool supporting street ministry, food banks and so on. The future way may still be unclear to us, but never to Him.

As we look forward to the warmth (and showers!) of summer, perhaps this saying from a Pastor, who battled to save his Sorbish community school a few years ago may give us a clue. He simply said this: “We were, we are, we will be”.

May our summer be blessed by His hope, our minds afresh with His Spirit and our actions a sure sign of the Living God. Amen.

God bless,