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For December and January 2018/19


2nd December Holy Communion starting 11am
9th December starting 11am
16th December starting 11am
23rd December starting 4pm (no morning service) Carols by Candlelight
30th December starting 11am 
6th January Holy Communion starting 11am
13th January starting 11am 
20th January starting 11am (Church Meeting)
27th January starting 11am


Graham Taylor
Rev. D.Mountain (Sailors Chapel)
Eve Maudsley
John Fry
to be confirmed
Walter Ash
Graham Taylor
Dr. Peter Humphreys
Rowley Moore (Police Chaplain)


By Dave Campbell posted 29th July 2018

Every Sunday before service we will be have a 30 minute prayer session for anyone who needs / wants prayer. You can either email your prayer or go onto the church website to send your prayer request. Anyone can ask for prayer for whatever they are facing, or you may want to ask or prayer for someone else. Your requests can even be anonymous if you want.

Location: Choir Vestry Time: 10:15 –10:45 

You are welcome every week or just whenever you feel like coming.

Or you can simply submit a prayer request from the link in the menu. 


16th December 11am  - Christingle Service 
23rd December 4pm - Carols by Candlelight

20th January - Church Meeting (after service) 

18th - 25th January - Week of Prayer (Christian Unity)

Bitter Sweet
by Dr.P. Humphreys

When I sat down, looking out of the window to the near naked trees, my first reaction was to write this Message on the evident beauty around me. But then my eye was drawn to the book just published about four hundred years of Christian witness in Liverpool by our Congregational and Independent forefathers (and foremothers!!). It seemed daft not to say something about it, or at least some of the ideas to learn from the past.

Our story begins with a group of Dissenters that met to worship down by the Dingle at the Ancient Chapel of Toxteth around 1618. Later, Congregational and Independent members of the fellowship moved downstream to become part of the growing port of Liverpool aside the Mersey. In the late 1700s, these local migrants were joined by Welsh workers and their families, who migrated to Liverpool seeking work, often from coal mines and slate quarries of North Wales. The Welsh Independents added greatly to the growing cultural life of the city. During Victorian times, chapels and churches moved north and south along by the docks, out from the city centre to the growing suburbs as greater prosperity came and went. Faith was often maintained through two World Wars, though the Blitz in 1942 forced many buildings to close and their fellowships disperse even further.

Great preachers and ministers came and went. In the 20th Century, funds from past benefactors began to diminish and, from the 1950s onwards, church worship and social life came under severe pressure from competing demands, especially the rise of consumerism. That brings us to where we are now. The opening dedication of the book quotes from Hebrews 12:1, “Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders … And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us”. For those who wish to follow the Lord in a very different world from the past, an individualist and consumerist world, new challenges arise. No matter how small Christian groups, like ours, the Lord’s challenge is for us not to dwell too much on the past, great as it may have been, but to go out, to go forth unknowing what the future might hold but knowing that in every challenge, the Lord is with us. Bearing Hebrews 12:1 in mind, the markings are different now, but none less hard. But the Lord never did say it would be easy.

God bless,